08 October 2012

Cheap and Effective

I've been mulling over the idea of a cheap and effective replacement option for De la Beche Hut since its removal in February of this year.

The hut site of De la Beche is still completely viable and useful to skiers and mountaineers passing through, or climbing from, the mid Tasman Glacier area. The subframe for the hut is in excellent condition and is onsite just waiting for a new shelter.

From the fairly low use the hut  receives it would seem that a sleeping capacity of four people would be suitable for a replacement structure. Looking at the hut used to replace Ball Shelter, it would seem that the same design could be reused with only minor modifications for the harsher more alpine environment. The low cost of the Ball Shelter ($26k) also makes the proposition very achievable.

I look forward to working with other keen people with the Club, DoC and the climbing community to turn this idea into a reality.

Footnote: With the possible removal of Murchison being required in the next two years, due to the same internal rot problem, means we may need to duplicate this effort again in the near future.

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