Introduction to Mini Mountain Huts

Structures located in alpine regions in New Zealand are subjected to extreme weather conditions, unthinking users who are almost always armed with crampons and ice axes, and generate little in the way of income to pay for their maintenance and replacement. Alpine huts are expensive to build due to their construction and location.

There have been standard six and ten bunk designs for the lower tramping regions of the country designed and constructed by the Department of Conservation and it predecessors. The cost savings in having a standard design should be repeated in the alpine environment by the New Zealand Alpine Club.

There are a number of alpine huts which require replacement over the next decade or two. These include De la Beche, Murchison, Beetham, Gardiner, and Barron Saddle. These huts are a similar size and receive a similar level of use by climbers. Looking further into the future huts such as Barker, Castle Rocks, Whangaehu, and Fathoms Peak could also be replaced with a similar standard design.

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